Should old batteries be discarded at the dry garbage? What do I do with leftover medicines?

EcoMind indicates the locations to discard special wastes you are not aware about what to do with. And if not discarded correctly will contaminate the environment.

Download our app and find the correct destination for each kind of waste. Good for you, great for everybody (:

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Discarding on EcoMind is simple!
There are only 3 steps:


Search for the waste type you´re willing to discard and choose a nearby EcoPoint.


Take your waste to the indicated place.


You have just made world cleaner and happier (:

Waste for disposal:

If you keep special wastes at home which you are not aware about the correct disposal location, on EcoMind you find the nearest EcoPoints according to the wastes you choose in a filter. Among it, you will find:

  • plastic
  • aluminum
  • batteries
  • medicines
  • oil
  • electronics
  • lamps
  • tires
  • glasses
  • cardboards
  • styrofoam
  • x-ray plates
  • metals


meuResiduo is an online software and app that supports waste generator companies, waste logistics companies, final destination and environmental Consulting companies.

Tekann is a mobile software house, operating on the development of custom enterprise softwares.

City Halls

It is now possible to request city halls access to keep the city’s EcoPoints up to date by clicking the button below and filling out the form.

Check if your city is already on EcoMind!

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